WHAT WE WASTE: Waste Characterisation Report

Our Approach

Kashtakari Panchayat was registered in 2010 primarily to support waste pickers and their families and their collectives. The support ranges from direct financial assistance to indirect support in the form of training, facilitation and research. KP would best be described as a bridge, connecting people to each other, connecting ideas to people and people to resources to implement those ideas. It facilitates and celebrates the interaction between one section of humanity and another, to create a better world for all.

Our Vision

KP envisions a world that is non discriminatory and socially just, economically equitable, environmentally sustainable, culturally plural, democratic, where diversity is valued and there is peace and harmony.

Our objectives at Kashtakari Panchayat are:

  • Provide training and technical support to waste pickers and organizations and other informal workers
  • Socially and educationally help workers in the informal economy, especially women
  • Advocate for the rights of workers in the informal economy
  • Improve livelihood opportunities for the working poor
  • Work for the welfare of workers in the informal economy and their families
  • Train and help waste pickers for sustainable waste management and recycling
  • Increase visibility of workers in the informal economy through research and publication
  • Commission and organize workshops, seminars, training programmes and courses
  • Undertake activities and programmes that further the objects of the organisation

Open chat
Hello, we call for donations to support waste pickers in the devastating second wave of Covid-19. For any additional information please contact us