The core focus of the KPT is the waste recycling sector. The informal waste recycling economy in India transects formal municipal service provisioning and entrepreneurial recycling. It is a veritable beehive of enterprise activities that incorporate own account or self employed workers as well as micro-small and medium enterprises that employ other workers. Waste pickers are the foot soldiers of this vast enterprise pyramid that collects, aggregates, trades and processes humungous quantities of unwanted materials discarded by consumers in growing economies. Some waste pickers are generic, retrieving paper, plastic, metal scrap, glass, bottles, corrugated board and tins. Others specialise in specific commodities. Itinerant waste buyers buy small quantities of materials. Materials that have use value are carefully segregated from those that would go back into the manufacturing process.

a. Support for education and recreation of waste pickers

  1. Annual distribution of notebooks
  2. Scholarships for meritorious children
  3. Sports activities
  4. Educational testing and career guidance
  5. Vocational training
  6. Youth fairs
  7. Facilitate the college admission process
  8. Facilitate hostel admissions
  9. Facilitate access to government education schemes
  10. Facilitate access to education aid from private trusts

b. Workshops, Seminars, Training Programmes, Courses

  1. Workshops that enable waste pickers to discuss their issues and concerns 
  2. Training of waste pickers 
  3. Training workshops for waste picker leaders 
  4. Training workshops for waste managers
  5. Training of CSOs
  6. Training workshops for municipal and other officials


c. Research, Education, Innovation

  1. Research
    • Waste Characterization and Baseline Audit of Aundh Ward in Pune
    • Evaluation of Technical, Environmental and Legal Feasibility of Processing / Recycling of non-recyclable Multi-layered Packaging
  2.  Innovation
    • Designing and Development of Push-Carts for waste-pickers
    • Design and Development of Model Material Recovery Facility in Kapil Malhar, Aundh
    • Construction and development of Material Recovery Facilities across Pune
    • Creation of an integrated sustainable, scalable zero waste model through 100% in-situ composting and maximum diversion towards recycling – in Aundh Ward
  3. Housing
    • Sustainable housing redevelopment of waste-pickers through reutilization of Construction and Demolition Waste